Martins Wunderkiste

Mostly useless stuff, but nice to have

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Pun is a misspelling of the German word "Wunderkiste" (pronounced quite the same). It translates to grab bag or lucky bag, could also be interpreted as bag of tricks.


Table of contents

DC/DC efficiency measurement with the E36312A supply
Some repair and fixes on Tektronix 7603 / 7623 / 7A18
Every serious lab should have a jacobs ladder, so here's mine
Building a power amplifier from non-suitable components
Datron 1061A Multimeter repair
Garfield (nearly) bricks an Agilent Waveform Generator (kind of a rant)
Repair of a Motorola R2600 Service Monitor
Solar Power Supply with Battery Charger
An "ideal diode" made of MOSFETs
My own litte Big Data Collector

The STM32 files
  • A quick and dirty blinky LED demo for the Nucleo-F767ZI board
  • A simple in-application flash updater using ChibiOS and LwIP
  • Use LwIP, yaffs, ChibiOS and STM HAL to provide ftp and http on a Nucleo-F746
  • Some demos using the LwIP stack together with ChibiOS and STM HAL
  • Simple board support for STM32 Nucleo boards using ChibiOS and STM HAL library
  • An improved makefile template for STM32CubeMX 4.13.0, HAL code, ChibiOS, LwIP and the Nucleo-F746 board
  • Using the STM32CubeMX eclipse plugin with gcc and make on linux
  • Using the STM32CubeMX code generator with gcc and make the quick and dirty way
  • Managing multiple projects for the STM32 Controller family using makefiles
  • Using multiple ST-Link devices
  • Expanding the Versaloon universal programmer platform by adding a second target port
  • Secret Folder

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    Unfinished Stuff / Work in Progress

    Some internals of the Rohde & Schwarz CMU200
    A MOSFET 800V / 7ns Pulser
    Poweronov MK2
    Anritsu MG3633A Signal Generator teardown and repair

    German pages

    Most of the older content is written in German language:
    Go to German version (different content, no translations) ... und ein Zaehlpixel hab ich auch :-)