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Pun is a misspelling of the German word "Wunderkiste" (pronounced quite the same). It translates to grab bag or lucky bag, could also be interpreted as bag of tricks.


Table of contents

A journey through the time nuttery rabbit hole (Part 1)
A frequency differency measurement device (Part 2)
Another frequency difference measurement device (Part 3)
Philips PM6654 repair
Yet another Radio Clock - a DCF77 PM (PZF) receiver and robust decoder
What's inside an ET System AC Source and how to control it
Efratom FRS Rubidium Frequency Standard adjustment
Anritsu MG3633A Signal Generator teardown and repair
DC/DC efficiency measurement using the Keysight E36312A supply
Some repair and fixes on Tektronix 7603 / 7623 / 7A18
Building a power amplifier from non-suitable components
Datron 1061A Multimeter repair
Garfield (nearly) bricks an Agilent Waveform Generator (kind of a rant)
Repair of a Motorola R2600 Service Monitor
Solar Power Supply with Battery Charger
An "ideal diode" made of MOSFETs
My own litte Big Data Collector

The STM32 files
  • A quick and dirty blinky LED demo for the Nucleo-F767ZI board
  • A simple in-application flash updater using ChibiOS and LwIP
  • Use LwIP, yaffs, ChibiOS and STM HAL to provide ftp and http on a Nucleo-F746
  • Some demos using the LwIP stack together with ChibiOS and STM HAL
  • Simple board support for STM32 Nucleo boards using ChibiOS and STM HAL library
  • An improved makefile template for STM32CubeMX 4.13.0, HAL code, ChibiOS, LwIP and the Nucleo-F746 board
  • Using the STM32CubeMX eclipse plugin with gcc and make on linux
  • Using the STM32CubeMX code generator with gcc and make the quick and dirty way
  • Managing multiple projects for the STM32 Controller family using makefiles
  • Using multiple ST-Link devices
  • Expanding the Versaloon universal programmer platform by adding a second target port
  • Other stuff

    Every serious lab should have a jacobs ladder, so here's mine
    And some sparks too
    Everybody says the internet is full of porn, so here's my collection: Electropr0n


    The almighty internet provides you with all kinds of useful stuff. Here's a tiny bit of what I found useful for me:
    Dave's eevblog forum
    KO4BB's Test Equipment and Manuals
    Kurt's Tek wiki
    Ronalds electronic project site
    PA4TIM's opvangtehuis voor buizenbakken
    We love microchips - That's why we boil them in acid.
    Steve's Antique Technology
    Halestrom's Peregrinations
    Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages
    The most cool ™ web page in the entire universe
    Welcome to Here you will find descriptions of a number of electronic projects and experimental ideas.
    Welcome to the web site of Andrew Holme
    Tony Fisher's Home Page
    Emperor of Test Equipment

    Proven TEA sources in Germany / Europe

    Ice-Tea T&M Store
    Messgeraete-Markt aka Knopf-Hifi
    Helmut Singer

    Secret Folder

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    Unfinished Stuff / Work in Progress

    Some internals of the Rohde & Schwarz CMU200
    A MOSFET 800V / 7ns Pulser
    Poweronov MK2

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