Anritsu MG3633A Signal Generator

A Teardown and Repair Log

A real boat anchor

Anritsu MG3633A
Image by Ero-Shan
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No kidding, this unit weighs a whopping 29kg. Imagine picking up five of them from a favourite used equipment dealer, all labelled defective in various interesting ways

Two of them made their way to fellow forum inhabitants, three left for me (not quite as expected), so I'm now the proud owner of these gems of Japanese RF engineering.
Anritsu MG3633A Anritsu MG3633A

Don't turn them on, take'em apart

They came with mains voltage set to 120V. So the first thing to do was to fix that, a rather simple job.
mains transformer voltage setting mains transformer voltage setting lift top cover
First impression: Quite solid stuff and nicely engineered anyway

main control board modulation board
The desperately awaited first view under the hood, showing the main control board with plastic fiber optics. These guys really must have done everything to keep the digital noise away from the RF part. On the bottom side, part of the power supply and the modulation board - but where's all the RF stuff?

RF style plumbing
Looks it is well hidden inside these inner containers - at least we've got to see some proper RF plumbing stuff now.

And now for something completely different

Don't be a coward, turn it on.
turned on and alive
Yes, there's a sign of life ... (from the second unit, the first one didn't work)


Goto here for some proper teardown pictures.

Repair #1

First one's got a wacky attenuator and missing reference frequency

Repair #2

Second one's got a freaky PLL

Repair #3

Third one's a complete fail, but comes to life again

Manuals and other stuff

MG3633A Manuals

Some components datasheets

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