Simple board support for STM32 Nucleo boards

First blinking LED on the brand new STM32 Nucleo-F767ZI board

Project motivation

I've just received a fresh Nucleo-F767ZI board. Motivation enough to test my makefile template on this board with a simple blinky LED demo.

Terse instructions

  • Clone the latest openocd (git clone
  • Cherry pick this patch to add the STM32F76x flash handling
  • bootstrap, configure, make, make install openocd
  • Download the project tarball (see below)
  • make and make flash the project (read my other STM32 related pages to get more information)
  • Watch the LEDs blink and connect the ST-Link ttyACM at 115200 baud to see some useless messages
  • This is just a quick hack to verify the openocd STM32F76x flash support and to see the new board working. I haven't tried yet any of the new features of the STM32F76x like double precision FPU, dual bank flash and delta/sigma demodulators.


    here: nucleo-f767-blinky.tar.gz

    All neccessary library files are included in the tarball. You do not need to download or install additional sources to compile the examples. The included sources might not be complete in terms of their original source, get the full Cube HAL sources from STmicro. Some of the HAL source files were modified from their original state to make my uart driver work.

    System requirements

  • A recent Linux or Cygwin system (I don't mind native windows, I guess it'll just won't work)
  • The usual collection of GNU/Linux standard utilities (sed, gawk, find, ...)
  • A recent arm-none-eabi toolchain, recommended GCC ARM Embedded
  • The latest version of OpenOCD (see above)
  • Your favourite text editor
  • Links

    OpenOCD repository

    Look here: The STM32 files for my other STM32 related pages. ... und ein Zaehlpixel hab ich auch :-)